The roots of acupressure lie in Tradition Chinese Medicine where acupuncture points are stimulated using pressure instead of needles. The Chinese believe that energy which they refer to as 'Chi', flows through the body along channels known as meridians and that the maintenance of health is directly related to the flow of 'Chi'. If the energy becomes imbalanced; deficient, excessive or stagnant in anyway, then illness or discomfort may ensue. Each meridian is connected to and related to a specific organ from which it takes its name, for example the liver or lung. Self healing is encouraged and health is maintained through the application of pressure to specific acupoints near the surface of the body.

Seated Acupressure

The Japanese developed a massage technique which they called Anma whereby a specific kata sequence is followed to stimulate over sixty acupressure points. It is a very revitalising and toning treatment which relaxes tense muscles, increases blood circulation, boosts immunity and promotes a sense of wellbeing. The treatment is performed through light clothing and massage and stretching techniques are also used to enhance the therapeutic outcome. Seated acupressure can be performed on site providing relief from tension in the back, shoulders, head and neck.